The compact instrument, with dedicated reagents, performs rapid bacterial culture, Residual Antimicrobial Activity (RAA) test, clinical antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) and rapid phenotypic screening of Multi-Drug Resistant organisms (MDRO), in a few hours with high sensitivity and specificity

The software flexibility of the HB&L allows different tests to be performed simultaneously; each reading unit position is independent from the others and can be set according to sample type, incubation time, test profile, analytical protocol and cut-off.

Laser Light Scattering

Flexibility in Bacteriology for Quick Diagnostic Results

The Laser Light Scattering based technology allows to follow the growing bacteria from the inoculum step in
specific culture broths and to display the kinetic growth curves showing the bacterial count expressed in CFU/ml.

The scattering signals are analyzed, elaborated and converted into growing curves plotted in real time,
the mathematical elaboration gives not only a qualitative evaluation of the micro-organism
presence/absence but also a quantitative evaluation of initial bacteria amount expressed in CFU/ml

Real-time bacterial growth curve

Analytical specificity

Samples are incubated at 37°C and constantly mixed avoiding sedimentation,
flotation and growth anomalies typical of several micro-organisms.

Only alive bacteria are detected while the interference of non-bacterial materials like salts, erythrocytes, leucocytes, epithelial cells or dead bacteria signals are eliminated by the initial blank value reading.

The system is flexible and can be customized, it is possible to set the cut off according to laboratory needs

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