Innovative Solutions in Clinical Diagnostics

Alifax is one of the most important Italian company specialized in the development, production and distribution of clinical diagnostic instrumentation for laboratory automation. Alifax understands the market needs and promptly answers the worldwide demand through its technical scientific infrastructure represented by highly qualified staff in the field of laboratory medicine, engineering and information technology. Alifax is strongly oriented towards scientific research and technological innovation supported by constant investment program.

TEST1 2.0

  • Only 175 μl of analysed sample
  • Up to 120 samples capacity
  • Up to 195 tests/h
  • Continuous loading
  • Tubes loading without barcode alignment
  • INDEPENDENT STAT channel for low volume and urgent sample with external withdraw probe
  • Auto washing system
  • Connection available for Total Lab Automation systems
  • Remote Access
  • Internal camera
  • No maintenance on Operator side
  • Multi-level access with personalised GDPR compliant

Light Laser Scattering technology solutions

Alifax has developed and patented automated instruments
and specific kits for bacterial detection in different samples
starting from the need for a diagnostic method that meets
the main requirement of rapidity and standardization

HB&L, Alfred 60/AST, and Sidecar through the light
scattering technology, detect in a few hours the presence of
 responsible for infectious pathologies and
their drug resistance with high sensitivity and specificity

Molecular Mouse

Qualitative and fast analysis of DNA targets through real-time PCR
Molecular Mouse system is the world’s first handheld platform for the Real Time PCR.

Ready-to-use lab-on-chip cartridges, with all lyophilized reagents in each micro-well, it is possible to perform up to 6 simultaneous multiplex reactions

The largest panel, with 64 different targets, for the rapid detection of microorganisms of major clinical relevance and their antibiotic resistance genes, starting from positive blood cultures

Rapid results in about 1 HOUR


Next-Generation Identification

Thanks to the ATR-FTIR technology, I-dOne identifies the bacterial spectra, which can be considered as the molecular fingerprint of microorganisms.


Reagent free
No sample pre-treatment
User-friendly interface
Easy cleaning procedure
No mechanical maintenance

*from sample deposition to aquisition and identification

Attenuated Total Reflection – Fourier Transform Infra-Red

I-dOne analyses the spectrum produced by the interaction between intact microbial cells and IR light through the vibrational state of their chemical bonds.  Each species produces a unique fingerprint-like FTIR spectrum

Results are reported as Microorganism ID along with relative score that represents the reliability of the identification to known vibrational profiles  of species present in the reference database

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